Since Some are Confused – We will Explain it here.

Justin Cadle

In regards to the CADLE, JUSTIN M. Incident on 9/2/2021 Read Below.

Since we are seeing some concerned citizens that are grossly misinformed about what happened because of Mr. Justin Cadle on September 2nd, 2021 to our group on the corner of Eau Gallie Blvd and Riverside Dr (BP Gas Station) we have created this blog post to briefly summarize what really happened.

Our group was approached by Mr. Cadle multiple times solicitation for phone usage and as we repeatedly denied him and asked him to leave multiple times, Mr. Cadle came back toward the group multiple times starting to swat cell phones from the hands of the group members, then swatted down water bottles until he attacked one member ripping his glasses off and then continued to throw punches at another resulting in the group having to be defended by any and all means necessary resulting in a bloody mess that none of us wanted.

All this was captured on multiple cell phones in video and shown to officers on the scene where they immediately deemed Mr. Justin Cadle the AGGRESSOR / SUSPECT of this incident as shown in the image above.

As of now, we feel Mr. CADLE has gone through enough and declined to press charges against him.

If we see continual “retribution” or angst or drama because of this towards our group – we will change this to file CRIMINAL CHARGES Against him as that is our right to do so.

Below is our statement on this incident:

To Whom it may concern:

We had chosen not to press charges against Justin at the scene because we felt as wrong as his actions were at that time, that he had gone through enough.

Yes, we are all concerned for his overall well-being, as we are not monsters and not in the business of this or any violence whatsoever.
We are peaceful protestors executing our 1st amendment rights as we encourage anyone to do the same according to their beliefs and values here in the U.S. of A.

Again, it is very unfortunate that Justin was or is not in the best of health and mindset and we hope he gets the care either at home or at a medical facility that he needs and deserves.

Reminder: We are completely within our rights to Pursue Criminal Charges Against Justin if anyone chooses to keep pushing any false narratives/misinformation, online harassment, and especially in-person threats (as we experienced just yesterday 9/17/2021 Case No# MP210061057).

Please focus your efforts on helping Justin and govern yourself accordingly with any interaction of our group or our group members.

P.S. The comments section on this blog post has been left open below on purpose, so be forewarned that:

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-any and all things you type online can and will be used against you in a court of law (if necessary).