Join us with your:

-Trump  Flags
-Patriot Flags
-Anti Vax and Mask Flags
Or help hold the signs we already have created.

*NOTE to ANY That Attend:

NEW RULE: ** WE DO NOT ENGAGE WITH FACE-TO-FACE with PROTESTORS At our Flag Events!!!!!*** Plz, see below.

-We aim to educate vs. insult.

-We are sharper than 4 letter words so let’s use Facts & Real Science to make our points.

-We respect anyone’s 1st amendment right/s whether we believe them/support them or not.

-We are reminded that our Cause is Bigger than Our Ego or Our -Anger (if any) so please govern yourself accordingly.

-Reminder: our independent actions reflect on all that attend these events so please THINK Before You ACT/Act-Out.

-PLEASE DO NOT BRING CHILDREN or people under the age of 18 to these flag waiving events.


Our Flag-Waving Events are NO PLACE FOR DEBATES, ARGUMENTS, CONFRONTATION, or ETC. of any Kind.!!!

If YOU or THE GROUP are Approached by Outsiders:
A) Ask them to JOIN Us waving flags OR
B) Ask them to LEAVE as they are instigators or Potential for Future Drama!
NOTE: If anyone gets in ARM’s LENGTH from you they are too close and a threat and should be told to stand back or you are legally allowed to use force!

Please ANNOUNCE  ALL Outsides to the Group as they Approach for everyone’s safety!!!!!!!!!!

If you can’t follow these rules you will be asked to leave.

By Acknowledging these rules you agree that you are attending these events at your own leisure and at your own risk.

There is no duty or obligation that The Patriot Party of Brevard has with any specific associate/member or participant.